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Surveillance marketing Create a dual function public view monitor!

Turning ordinary Public View Monitors into powerful digital signs that can also be used for marketing and information with PVMSignage®

Confrontationmonitors® or Active Public View Monitors reduce shrinkage and enhance sales, making security profitable.

Dual function public view monitor

With the addition of video surveillance functionality to eValue8's proven yet future-proof digital signage system Opensignage®, ordinary Public View Monitors can easily be transformed into powerful digital signs that can also be used for marketing and information in retail environments. These "Active Public View Monitors" reduce shrinkage and enhance sales at the same time, making security profitable.

Surveillance marketing with Active Public View Monitors

Public View Monitors (PVM) are typically placed near a retail store's entrance, at a customer service desk or check out, as well as in high shrink areas to convey the presence of a CCTV system.

eValue8 takes this concept to a much higher level. With the PVMSignage Player, Public View Monitors transform into Digital Signage displays and can be used in retail environments to display programmed promotional messages to welcome visitors and inform them about current promotions, while simultaneously playing live video footage from an IP Camera. This innovative Surveillance marketing enables you to promote sales and generate revenues from instore advertising and in-store promotions offering high potential ROI when applied at individual shopping aisles, as well as at store entrances.

People arriving at the store pass through the field of the security camera and see themselves on screen. This sends a strong message that video surveillance is in place, while welcoming customers and providing information on the latest sales and store events. The friendly welcome has three positive effects; promotional messages to shoppers can boost revenues, while the security video creates a sense of security for customers but also deters theft and reduces the cost of stolen merchandise.

ROI: Making security profitable

Shoplifting is big business. Retailers have to devote considerable money and personnel to combat high value theft. With Active PVM technology the cost benefit analysis includes not only a measure of shrinkage reduction through on-the-floor security, but also increased revenue through simultaneous in-store marketing / on-the-floor marketing. In these days of ever shrinking budgets such dual use technology can be justified not only in terms of loss prevention but also as a marketing investment. And such progressive use of Active PVM technology will reap the combined benefits of decreased shrinkage and increased sales, making security profitable!

Features of PVM Digital Signage

Display programmed messages

Welcome visitors and inform them about current promotions.

Display Live security camera footage

Simultaneously play live video footage to the public, from an IP Camera at the store's entrance

Reinforce promotional activities

Deliver your (targeted) messages with impact, inform visitor about sales agenda and store events.

Convey the presence of a CCTV system

sends a strong message that security video surveillance is in place to dether criminal activity.

Enhance retail experience

Improve customer relations, create a sense of security for customers and employees

Boost revenues

promote sales and generate revenues from in-store advertising and in-store promotions.

Prevent losses

Deters theft, prevent losses and reduce the cost of stolen merchandise.

Offering high potential ROI in retail

Reduce shrinkage, protect from claims and keep employees safe while simultaneously improve customer relations, and increase sales.

Easy installation

For all digital public view monitors, compatible with most analogue and digital (IP) camera's. Plug and play on all networks

Easy webbased management tool

Set screen layout, schedule welcome messages, manage advertisments and in-store promotions.

Multi-media digital signage

Supports a wide variety of multimedia files as promotional messages (images, text, video)

Compatible with most streaming protocols

PVMSignage players support most H264 streaming protocols such as RTSP Unicast, RTSP over TCP and RTSP over HTTP.

Target by face recognition

80% success rate...

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License renewal

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1 year additional license

Free Digital Signage software
Self Installation on PC
Connect to Digital Monitor
Add IP camera feed to broadcast

PVMSignage player

€ 799,-

including 1 year software license

PVM Digital Signage Player
Active Public View Monitor Software
Plug and play with digital PVM systems
PVM Playlist included

PVM Player + monitor

€ 1199,- € 999,-

including 1 year software license

PVM Player + PVM Software
28 inch Monitor
PVM Playlist included